Modern mansion blocks could be key to the supply of family homes

The secret to building desirable family homes and neighbourhoods in London is the continued construction of mansion blocks.  

According to a group of London architects and space management experts, modern mansion blocks might be the solution to the shortage of homes in the capital as this type of housing continues to prove popular yet offers the level of density required to meet demand. A form of high-density housing, mansion blocks also tend to be architecturally attractive, which appeals to homebuyers and renters alike.  

There is an ongoing need to address the housing shortage, especially for families in search of a decent-sized yet affordable home in the capital, and some of London’s architects believe that building more mansion blocks – which offer density and desirability – might be the way forward.  

Alison Brooks of Alison Brooks Architects, said: “The mansion block brings graciousness to denser living. Some of the blocks are nine storeys, so they are dense, but desirable. They offer family-friendly homes and there is a massive shortage of these. They offer a canvas for a new architectural approach that can be playful and more expressive.” 

Brooks continued: “The Victorians really had fun with them, drawing on the Arts and Crafts movement. People love that. Mansion blocks can add value in a way that is underexploited.” 

Mansion blocks have long been a desirable feature of residential neighborhoods in inner London and in the city’s suburbs. The same is true in Barons Court, West Kensington, and its environs.  

Modern London is increasingly defined by high-level apartment buildings, but a genuine fondness for low-level, mansion block living remains.   

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