4 ways to modernise a bathroom

24 01 2018

If you plan to modernise a property, the bathroom should be a top priority as it is one of the most important rooms in any home.

And when you’re new to letting out properties or are in between tenants, it’s an ideal time to do so. This is because an old-fashioned bathroom will put off viewers more quickly than you can say ‘lime green tiles’. Potential tenants generally want a modern, clean, streamlined look with up-to-date fixtures.

Here are the key areas you need to focus on to make a bathroom more contemporary:

1. Replace or refresh tiles

Tiles are often a dead giveaway that a bathroom is outdated. If they’re a rather dubious shade of green then they’ve probably been there for decades. If not, tiles and grouting are still subject to a lot of wear and tear in one of the most frequented rooms. They may be in need of a refresh. To modernise a bathroom, you may want to replace the tiles altogether – mosaic and geometric designs are a great look. If you want to refresh the tiles on a budget then you could try painting them instead. Don’t forget, however, that this is a short-term solution.

2. Install a walk-in shower

Yes, baths make a bathroom look visually appealing and sophisticated. But realistically, busy people don’t have time to take baths. So, if you’re looking to modernise then the focus should be on installing a state-of-the-art shower. It’s the practical option, and they’re easy to maintain and keep clean – another benefit for those with busy lifestyles. If you have a larger budget you could even consider converting the space into a wet room, which would be extremely modern and desirable. A simpler, less expensive option would be to opt for a walk-in shower.

3. Be clever with storage

Modern interior design is epitomised by minimalism. It’s a difficult look to achieve in a bathroom as the room clearly needs a certain amount of storage. Therefore, you have to be intelligent with your placement of storage units. The best way to keep the bathroom looking large and spacious is by putting the storage in any dead space, for instance, underneath the basin. Alternatively, opt for tall units, meaning that you don’t have to give up all of the wall space to cabinets.

4. Don’t forget the smaller details

It’s surprising how small changes can go a long way to making a bathroom more modern. You may want to consider updating smaller fixtures, such as the taps. After all, tenants are likely to use the taps more than any other fixture in the bathroom. Another idea would be to add a towel rack or towel hooks. When it comes to modernising a bathroom, this is important as you often find that old-fashioned bathrooms don’t have these practical touches. Practicalities aside, you could also add artwork and floral arrangements or plants to improve the aesthetics of a bathroom.

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