‘Property professionals’ aim for further investment

Established investors plan further investment in the London property market, despite some challenging conditions for landlords.  

MT Finance surveyed a group of ‘property professionals’, and of those, 33% said they aimed to invest further in the property market this year, while 50% said they planned no new property acquisitions nor had plans to sell any of the properties in their portfolio.  

Of the investors looking to expand their buy-to-let portfolios, 20% said they were looking to buy in London, while 60% are keen to buy in the south-east.  

Director of MT Finance, Tomer Aboody, said this survey, despite only drawing from a small pool of investors, demonstrates that property investors ‘remain resilient’: 

“The fact that property professionals have continued to invest in the UK, despite the uncertainty and numerous challenges, bodes well for the future of the market.”  

Buy-to-let investors have had to contend with a variety of tax changes in recent years, including an extra 3% stamp duty surcharge levied on the price of second homes and changes to tax relief, the latter of which is being phased in to minimise the knock for landlords.  

The introduction of such measures has made thriving in the buy-to-let market more of a challenge for many landlords, but this survey paints a positive picture of their ability to withstand these measures. As rental demand in London continues, there is a need for investors to meet this demand.  

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